KODA dance school – is all about creativity and style, expression and sensuality! Our school is constantly developing and keeping up with the times under the direction of two sisters: Ekaterina – the director and Olga – the mastermind and the lead teacher.

KODA DANCE = 7 components: 

  • We have only professional highly qualified teachers! Our teachers are not only pole championship judges, workshop presenters, active athletes, candidates of Master of Sports, but also people, who teach you how to feel the music, give your heart and put your emotions into each move and trick.
  • A multilevel education model from basic level to advanced. 
  • The narrow field of specialization (pole dance and stretching), allows to be fully focused on your personal growth.
  • Spacious and fully equipped studio for your comfortable rest and work, located in the south and central part of the city 7-10 minutes away from the subway.
  • Convenient schedule! 7 days a week, all day classes.
  • Cat therapy from our pet Seraya at our school on 8 line V.O. 83/1! 
  • BONUS: perfect physical shape, flexibility и strength.

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All subscriptions are valid for 1 MONTH from the moment of activation!

Exotic, Acrobatic, SPE

  • 4 classes - 2800 rubles
  • 6 classes - 3500 rubles
  • 8 classes - 3800 rubles
  • 12 classes - 5100 rubles
  • 16 classes - 6300 rubles
  • 24 classes - 9300 rubles
  • Trial (first-time) class - 300 rubles
  • One-time class - 700 rubles
  • Personal class from 1500 rubles per hour


  • 4 classes - 2300 rubles
  • 6 classes - 2500 rubles
  • 8 classes - 2800 rubles
  • 12 classes - 3500 rubles
  • 16 classes - 4300 rubles
  • 24 classes - 6300 rubles
  • Trial (first-time) class - 300 rubles
  • One-time class - 700 rubles
  • Personal class from 1500 rubles per hour

Koda Dance

Our teachers

Olga Koda
Olga KodaExotic pole, acrobatic pole
VeraExotic pole
Izabella Exotic pole
Nastya Ukropina
Nastya Ukropina Exotic pole, acrobatic pole, stretching
SvetaExotic pole, acrobatic pole
NadinAcrobatic pole
Nastya Vavilova
Nastya Vavilova Exotic pole, acrobatic pole
Masha Acrobatic pole, stretching, SPE
Dasha Motorina
Dasha Motorina Exotic pole, stretching
Masha Sharapova
Masha Sharapova Acrobatic pole, exotic pole
Olga Pro
Olga Pro Exotic pole, acrobatic pole
Nastya Zaritskaya
Nastya Zaritskaya Stretching
Olga Kolchina
Olga Kolchina Stretching
Marina Nepravdina
Marina Nepravdina Exotic pole, acrobatic pole, stretching, SPE
Ira Sitnikova
Ira Sitnikova Acrobatic pole, stretching
Ksusha Acrobatic pole