Exotic pole

Exotic pole (exotic pole dance, exotic) is a style that combines movies around the pole, floor work and pole tricks. This style is generally focused on learning a routine, and the tricks is a balanced addition to it, that shows the beauty of the moves and completes the image.

Exotic Pole will not only help you to become flexible, fit and graceful, but also to develop imagination and boost self-confidence.

Our school has developed a multi-level system that will help to make each of your classes as effective as possible.



Exotic pole BASE and Introduction pole course

These classes are designed for beginners with no prior pole dancing experience at all, no dance or fitness level requirement also. This course teaches you basic pole moves, preparatory exercises, easy pole combos. Our teachers make sure you understand all the moves and techniques right. It also includes working on heels, making graceful shapes, waves, steps, spins and some acrobatic elements.

What is the difference between the course and the regular classes?

  • This course lasts for 1 month (each month a new course starts) and includes 8 classes,
  • This group is closed, which means you will attend classes with same people each time,
  • You will meet and work with each of our teachers.

Exotic pole Beginners

Generally focused on learning a routine with brief notices for learning tricks and elements. You need a basic level to attend this class.


Exotic pole ADVANCED

For those who have an experience from 6 month and more.



The subscription is valid for 31 days from activation (from the 1 class). 


  • 4 classes - 3100 rubles
  • 6 classes - 3900 rubles
  • 8 classes - 4200 rubles
  • 12 classes - 5600 rubles
  • 16 classes - 6900 rubles
  • 24 classes - 10200 rubles
  • Trial (first-time) class - 400 rubles
  • One-time class - 900 rubles
  • Personal class from 1700 rubles per hour

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Exotic pole teachers

VeraExotic pole
Izabella Exotic pole
Marina Nepravdina
Marina Nepravdina Exotic pole, acrobatic pole, stretching, SPE
Nastya Vavilova
Nastya Vavilova Exotic pole, acrobatic pole
Nastya Ukropina
Nastya Ukropina Exotic pole, acrobatic pole, stretching
SvetaExotic pole, acrobatic pole, acrobatic without pole, men pole
Olga Pro
Olga ProExotic pole, acrobatic pole
Dasha Motorina
Dasha Motorina Exotic pole, stretching, pole contemporary
Masha Sharapova
Masha Sharapova Acrobatic pole, exotic pole
Alena Korshikova
Alena KorshikovaExotic pole, Pumping up
Zhenya Tsybulina
Zhenya TsybulinaExotic pole, acrobatic pole, stretching, Tsypa lab
Nastya Fokina
Nastya Fokina Exotic pole, acrobatic pole, stretching
NinaExotic pole, stretching