This class has a strong focus on full body flexibility and working on splits. Stretching class is a nice way to improve your pole dancing lines, fluidity and transitions between tricks, it gives you grace and good range. Regular stretching classes will allow you to strengthen muscles and relieve hypertonia, increase joint mobility and make your figure slim and attractive.

The program is opened for all levels.



The subscription is valid for 31 days from activation (from the 1 class). 


  • 4 classes - 2600 rubles
  • 6 classes - 2800 rubles
  • 8 classes - 3100 rubles
  • 12 classes - 3900 rubles
  • 16 classes - 4800 rubles
  • 24 classes - 6900 rubles
  • Trial (first-time) class - 400 rubles
  • One-time class - 900 rubles
  • Personal class from 1700 rubles per hour

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Stretching teachers

Nastya Ukropina
Nastya Ukropina Exotic pole, acrobatic pole, stretching
MashaAcrobatic pole, stretching, SPE
Marina Nepravdina
Marina Nepravdina Exotic pole, acrobatic pole, stretching, SPE
Dasha Motorina
Dasha Motorina Exotic pole, stretching
Nastya Zaritskaya
Nastya Zaritskaya Stretching
NinaExotic pole, stretching
Olga Kolchina
Olga Kolchina Stretching
Nastya Fokina
Nastya Fokina Exotic pole, acrobatic pole, stretching
Ira Sitnikova
Ira Sitnikova Acrobatic pole, stretching
Zhenya Tsybulina
Zhenya TsybulinaExotic pole, acrobatic pole, stretching, Tsypa lab